EST. 2001

Created by a group of close friends with the passion to modify cars of all kinds as a joke. Who knew a joke would have been something recognized as a staple within the car community? Expanding and sharing our passion with the car community and welcoming new members as we traveled and organizing car meets. Our passion sometimes can be mistaken for an addiction. With the slowest animals known to man displayed at the bottom of our windshields or a window of a crew members choice Speedy T. was the most recognized of them all. Speedy T. is the face of TeamSlow. He has since had an upgrade from his old look to what you see now. We had offers for our name to be purchased from a crew in New York and we refused. We took some time away to build families and we parted ways. With TeamSlow's absence from the car scene for the past few years, it is time to make our presence known once again!

Below is one of the many cars that helped TeamSlow get the recognition they deserved.